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    On December 5,2019 when I went to Patriot Place at Foxborough, MA. with my daughter she was telling her doctor how bad I was doing. I could not stop falling I was loosing the use of the right side of my body. I already had my right shoulder replaced and the pain i my neck was so bad I could hardly hold my head up. One of the NP came out and spoke to me and suggested that I get an MRI done. On December 20,2019 an MRI was done and this is when I met Dr. Melvin Makhni,.M.D. one of the best spine surgeons . When he saw the MRI we saw that the cervical has collapsed and there was no spinal fluid going down the right side of my body. On January 27, 2020 Dr. Makhni performed a laminoplasty C3, C7 also laminoplasty C4, C5, C6, foraminotomies possible C2-T1 posterior spinal decompression and instrumented fusion. I owe this Doctor my life, so Dr Makhni THANK YOU and i highly recommend him to anyone who would ever need spine surgery.