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    I have been suffering from neck pain and arthritis in my neck for years. ACDF surgery was recommended and I held off considering my age (late40s) after arms would go numb and pain kept awake, decided to go to Brigham for surgery. Dr. Makhni was very approachable and seemed on top of his game. Then I got feedback from one of his colleagues and a senior Dr at hospital said Dr. Makhni was “meticulous”. This is of course the best adjective one could have when working so close to spinal chord. I was very nervous Given the cervical spine controls everything. Dr.Makhni truly was remarkable- as a doctor I felt listened to, cared for and safe under his care. I could not have asked for a better person and medical professional. He was attentive, available, responsible and honest with me.a year later and Can’t eve see my scar. Whereas I’ve. ET people who’ve had ACDF elsewhere and they look like chuckle! I can not sing dr Makhni praises enough. I am grateful for his help and highly recommend him!