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    I suffered with back pain for 20 years requiring 3 surgeries all with extensive instrumentation and yet found myself in Dr. Makhnis’ office looking at yet another one. Finally, I was in the hands of one of the most caring, talented and brightest hands in all my years of suffering. Dr. Makhni and his team performed a 10 hour very complicated surgery. I am doing quite well. It took 3 months of exams, imaging and consultation just to prepare me for this procedure. Dr. Makhni never let me “out of his sight”. He would call me in the evening at home just to check in! Imagine that in this day and age and I had yet to have the surgery! His constant attention to detail. His ability to explain in layman’s terms all that we were about to go through provided immeasurable comfort. Of note is not only Dr. Makhnis’ performance but his entire team! They care are responsive and very thorough. I will forever be indebted to the surgeon and team. I am getting my life back!